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TPSRovers | History



Vocational Scouting is not a new concept. An example of one of the original vocational Scouting programs is the Sea Scouts. However, over the last 20 years or so, vocational groups relating to the Emergency Services have become very popular. This is evident with the large number of Medical Venturer Companies and Rover Crews that have popped up all over the country. In Southern Ontario alone, there are over 8 groups.


The 22 Division Toronto Police Service Rover Crew was formed in September of 2003 by first year students of the Humber College Police Foundations Program. This Crew was formed quite differently from your typical vocational group. Most other groups are sponsored by a Police, Fire, or Paramedic Service, but recruit their members from other scout groups or their own younger sections. The Toronto Police Rovers are sponsored by 22 Division, but have maintained a steady stream of volunteers through a unique partnership with Humber College.


These first year students saw an opportunity to bring three great organizations together to form a unique partnership to help develop well rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world. The Police Rover program has allowed youth to experience all the traditional world renowned aspects of the Scouting program while being introduced to and prepared for their future career. All members of the 22 Division Rover Crew are students in the Humber College Police Foundations or related programs. As a result of targeting this specific audience during membership recruiting, the Toronto Police Rovers has grown to be the second largest Rover Crew in Canada with 124 members for the 2015/2016 Scouting year.


Every year, the program is challenged to ensure that each year is better than the next. Always striving to provide more opportunities for our members to serve their community locally and nationally. Members of the Toronto Police Rover Crew have attended several Jamborees as Offers of Service as part of the Emergency Services Team:


Central Canada Jamboree 2005 – Camp Tamaracouta, Quebec

Canadian Jamboree 2013 – Camp Woods, Alberta

ADVENTURE 2014 – Camp Nor’Wes, Newfoundland

Pacific Jamboree – 2015 Camp Barnard, British Columbia


These events provide our members with the most practical life experience possible as they work alongside current and retired police officers to keep the Jamboree participants safe.


Humber College has staunchly supported the activities of the Rover Crew on and off campus as the program provides Humber students with a competitive edge when they seek employment with a police service. Since its inception, over 600 Humber students have participated in the Police Rover program. To date, over 50 of these young men and women have successfully been hired as a police officer or other related position…..That we know of anyway.