Executive of the 22 Div Rover Crew



Christopher Saliba                                                          christopher.saliba@tpsrovers.com


Platoon Leaders

Platoon A:.                                                                      @tpsrovers.com

Platoon B:                                                                       @tpsrovers.com

Platoon C:                                                                       @tpsrovers.com

Platoon D:                                                                      @tpsrovers.com

Executive Administrator: Tina Quiroga     Tina.quiroga@tpsrovers.com


Group Commissioner

Kevin Ward                                                              kevin.ward@tpsrovers.com



Scott Walker                                                            scott.walker@tpsrovers.com

Chris Dos Anjos                                                       chris.dosanjos@tpsrovers.com

Teresa Ward                                                            teresa.ward@tpsrovers.com

Varun Thakur                                                          varun.thakur@tpsrovers.com

Denis Ho                                                                   denis.ho@tpsrovers.com

Mario Perugini                                                        mario.perugini@tpsrovers.com


Pictures will follow once I have a chance to take a new one of each exec