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TPS Rovers at Pacific Jamboree 2015

PJ 2015 - Insert Emergency Services_edited

Members of the Toronto Police Service Rover Crew attended the 2015 Pacific Jamboree in Sooke, British Columbia. Approximately 3,000 Scouts from across Canada and the world attended this one week event. TPS Rovers attended as Officers of Service as part of the Jamboree Emergency Services Team.


Rovers participated in two days of pre-jamboree training, learning the importance of effective communication over radio, how to be a dispatcher, conflict resolution, and emergency protocols. All this was put to the test during the Jamboree as our members rose to the challenge to ensure a safe successful conclusion to the jamboree. Rovers had the opportunity to work with youth from vocational groups from all over Canada including the Surrey Search and Rescue Venturers.


We had several visits from some local bears, especially on the last day as everyone was leaving. They were friendly though and nobody got hurt.

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TPS Rovers website is being updated and will have many new updates over the next few months.


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Members of the 22 Division Toronto Police Rover Crew attended CJ13 in Sylvan Lake Alberta in July of 2013. Canadian Jamborees are held every four years in different parts of Canada. This Jamboree saw approximately 9000 Scouts form all over Canada and around the world.

Six members of the TPS Rovers attended CJ13 as Offers of Service (OOS) with the Jamboree Emergency Services Team. Our Rovers were part of Roving Safety Units that worked 24/7 patrolling the site ready to respond to any call for assistance, emergency or otherwise.



Rovers worked alongside serving and retired police officers from across Canada. This was a unique opportunity to learn from the experts and gain valuable life experience while performing their duties. These included access control, emergency response support, crowd control for ceremonies, VIP escort.

Jamborees provide a unique opportunity for our Rovers to experience the realities of policing, in a safe environment. They get to experience shift work, radio communications, report writing, patrol, conflict resolution, and engaging the community.